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Career Counseling

Academic and career counseling
Counsel and assist students for selection of right college:After enrollment of students in MH International consultants, we help them in selection of educational institutions.MH International consultants guides the students constantly on topics like: Tuition fees, suitable colleges/universities, accommodation, meal, weather conditions etc.

Counseling on Admission letter
We give surety on arrival of acceptance letter from our authorized colleges and universities.

Counseling for information on final admission requirements

All countries have their own criteria for international students to be admitted in their institutions. All institutions required academic background and English proficiency of students. Colleges demands TOEFL or IELTS results. Some countries are particularly in Australia only IELTS is valid.

Counseling for formatting of document
In documentation we mainly prepare our students according to requirements of targeted embassy. Mainly for student visas embassy looks for financial status of student’s guardian whether he/she can survive or not in guest country.

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